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Ergonomic Keyboards


Repetitive motion and overexertion are the biggest risk factors facing American workers. The one-day NSC Ergonomics course will teach you how to reduce the number and severity of musculoskeletal injuries in your workplace through a practical and effective program.

Discussions, demonstrations and exercises explain the importance of keeping employees free from ergonomic injuries. You'll also learn how to recognize risk factors, conduct an ergonomic worksite analysis, evaluate and rank hazards, and select appropriate control methods. Completion of the Ergonomics course earns you 0.65 CEUs towards the NSC Advanced Safety Certificate.

  • The basic concepts relating to ergonomics in the workplace

  • How to recognize ergonomic risk factors related to musculoskeletal disorders

  • How to conduct an ergonomic worksite analysis, and evaluate and rank hazards

  • Various control methods and how to select the method best suited to the level of risk

  • Steps to implementing a successful ergonomics program at your workplace


What You Will Learn:
Who Would Benefit:

This course is designed for business owners, managers, supervisors and HR professionals. Register today and gain the skills you need to take control of the number one cause of workplace injuries, reduce costs and improve employee morale for your organization.

Earn Your NSC Advanced Safety Certificate

Completion of the Ergonomics course earns you 0.65 CEUs towards the NSC Advanced Safety Certificate, a nationally recognized safety program based on proven best practices.

The robust ASC® program builds upon knowledge of compliance requirements to further your safety education. It also sharpens your leadership skills to drive fundamental safety change throughout your organization.

For individuals on a career path in safety, this certificate program provides a starting point, a clear roadmap and best-in-class educational experiences to meet many industry-leading certification requirements.

Class Location: 

Virtual Instructor-Led Class

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST

Class Time: 

Price: $439 - Course price includes student materials and certificate.

Upcoming Classes:

On-site Training At Your Location


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