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Defensive Driving Courses For The Workplace

The National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course 11th Edition, recognized for its leading edge curriculum, delivers the most compelling and proven-effective defensive driving and collision prevention strategies. Whether your employees are  assuming new driving tasks, experienced drivers, or commuting to work, this course provides them with safe-driving knowledge that focuses on behavior, judgment, decision-making and consequences. Virtually experience and evaluate risky driving situations and hazard scenarios that will help reinforce the importance of safe and responsible driving. 

The course format can be customized to meet your training schedule, safety goals, incident rates and your employees' driving behaviors and skill level. Keep your drivers engaged and safe with defensive driver training from the National Safety Council. 

Class Location: 

2 Whitney Rd., Suite 11, Concord, NH 03301  

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Class Time: 

Price: $50

NSC Member Price: $50

Upcoming Classes 

Next in-person class TBD.

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