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DDC 10th Edition Instructor Training

NSC Defensive Driving Course IDC DDC 10 Online.

DDC 10th Edition E-Learning Instructor Certification Course

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The NSC Defensive Driving Course 10th edition, the most compelling driver safety program offered by NSC, now gives

instructors the flexibility to teach the course in 8, 6 or 4 hours. Your employees will acquire the knowledge to recognize

and respond to immediate and potential hazards and learn coping techniques to handle speeding, distracted, impaired,

aggressive and fatigued driving, and various traffic and road conditions.

Through scenario-based training, participants evaluate and assess high-risk driving situations and determine the most

practical response using defensive driving techniques and collision prevention strategies.

Keeping drivers fully engaged with high-impact videos and real-life driving scenarios

The 8-hour course integrates more than 60 minutes of all-new video, animated graphics and illustrations. From hazard

recognition scenarios to risky driving evaluations to vehicle maintenance checkpoints, the multimedia presentation

reinforces the key learning points and strengthens the participants’ understanding of the benefits of choosing safe,

responsible driving. Total video duration will vary based on course length.

  • Easy-to-follow curriculum with user friendly multimedia presentation provides instructors the flexibility to teach the course i 8, 6 or 4 hours

  • Confidential, self-assessment to help course participants identify and address their own driving behaviors, attitudes and risk-taking factors

  • Scenario-based training includes a full library of compelling videos and hazard-identification challenges creating a more interactive learner experience

  • Highly-effective behavior modification strategies and techniques to encourage respectful and lawful driving decisions

Certification valid for one year; current re-certification fee of $80 per year after the first year.

* ADDITIONAL PURCHASE of the DDC 10th Ed Instructor Resource Kit required to teach the course.

10th Edition - E-Learning Instructor Resource Kit USB or DVD - English 

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